Pitcher Kim Yoo-seong of Doosan Professional Baseball, who was controversial for school violence in the past, acknowledged the “fact of the offense that had been denied” and apologized to the victim. The victim’s side also revealed that they forgive Kim Yu-seong.

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon’s exclusive report.


Yuseong Kim, who was nominated for the first time in the 2020 rookie draft by NC, the hometown club, and then the nomination was withdrawn due to the revelation of school violence in middle school. Instead of an apology, such as filing a lawsuit, he continued to take legal action.

So, Kim Yu-seong, who received a lot of criticism even when he got a chance again in the draft last year and was nominated for Doosan, recently acknowledged the verbal abuse and secondary harm he had been denying all along and apologized to the victim. 메이저사이트

[Kim Yoo-seong/Doosan Pitcher: Looking back at myself, I was right about what I did (verbal violence), and I should have corrected it, but I’m really sorry (to the victim) for not being able to do that.]

Kim Yu-seong said that he deeply apologizes for the fact that his family verbally abused the victim’s family and that the victim’s pain was further increased through legal action for a long time.

Regarding this, the victim’s side conveyed their position to SBS, saying, “It’s late, but I accept the apology and will forgive you.”

Kim Yoo-seong said he was grateful for the victim’s forgiveness and said he would take the lead in eradicating school violence in the future.

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