KIA sidearm Lim Ki-young was an icon of bad luck in the 2022 season. In 26 games, he went 4-13 with 1 save and an earned run average of 4.24. He was the pitcher with the most losses in the league, but as it turns out, he wasn’t so competitive that he even achieved 10 quality starts.

Lim Ki-young pitched excellently with an ERA of 2.94 in 10 games that achieved a quality start. However, in these 10 games, he only won 1 and lost 4. He achieved 3 victories in games in which he did not make quality starts, but even so, his chances of winning in games in which he made quality starts were too low. The fielders’ scoring support was poor.

Lim Ki-young is in crisis again this season. This is because two top-class lefties entered the competition for the 5th starting pitcher. It is evaluated that Kim Ki-hoon, the first nominee in 2019, and Yoon Young-chul, the second overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft, should occupy a place in the long-term selection. The future is so high. On the other hand, Lim Ki-young is the right type for long relief.

Still, Lim Ki-young is not pursued psychologically. On the 18th (Korean time), Spring Camp Magazine said, “Preparations are going well. The weather is cold, but it’s okay because I put up the number of pitches before that. I’m competing for the 5th selection, but I think I’ll do what I do. I can go to the bullpen because I can’t do it, or I can go because of the team’s circumstances. It would be nice to play as a starter, but of course if the team wants it, it’s right to go to the bullpen.”

Starting with 8 wins in 2017, Lim Ki-young has steadily maintained the rear of the KIA selection team. But, “it’s not quite settled. He said, “When he enters the season, he should have something to hit and go up, but he threw well and then collapsed, and it was regrettable to see there were ups and downs.” This is a sober position.

Lim Ki-young also puts in a lot of effort to survive. He was originally a two-pitcher with a fastball and changeup, but over the past year or two he’s increased his proportions of two-seam, slider, and curveball. Lim Ki-young said, “At some point, the changeup hit a lot. Hitters knew that and came in prepared. In order to take advantage of the changeup, I started throwing other pitches because I wanted to throw only when it was decisive.”

There was a prejudice that sidearm pitchers had a hard time surviving as starting pitchers in the past, but that is not the case anymore. Young-pyo Koh of KT became a national representative, and Won-joon Choi of Doosan also. And KIA Lim Ki-young dreams of a long run as a starting pitcher. In particular, he confessed that he had seen and studied Go Young-pyo’s pitching.

Lim Ki-young said, “It’s the same sidearm, but my style is different.” Even with his changeup, Ko Young-pyo has a style that drops from top to bottom. However, Lim Ki-young’s is more like a classic changeup that curves horizontally. He said, “I also watch Youngpyo-hyung throw. Trying to learn differently from me. I want to throw like that.” 메이저놀이터

In order for a sidearm starting pitcher to survive, variety of pitches is necessary, but in the end, pitching and command are Lim Ki-young’s views. Anyway, the sidearm that overwhelms hitters with restraint is only LG Pil Seung-jo and Jung Woo-young. Lim Ki-young said, “The ninth ball must be supported. He should be able to throw the ball where he wants. He tries to pay a lot of attention to his control.”

KIA has virtually no positive factors in other lines this year. However, the mound is showing signs of improvement with Yoon Young-chul, Kim Ki-hoon, Kim Dae-yu, and Choi Ji-min. Lim Ki-young was also pleased. “It feels good. I went to baseball last fall, but I couldn’t go higher. We will do better this year. Personally, if he is a pitcher, he wants to be a starting pitcher, so he wants to do better as a starting pitcher than last year.”

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