From friends who led the championship together, they now become opponents who have to overcome each other.

On the 25th, Bundang Samsung beat Team Six 48-32 in the U12 final at the ‘Natural Healing City Jecheon 2023 National Basketball Festival’ held at Jecheon Gymnasium in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do.

In particular, in Bundang Samsung, there were two players who appeared in the last competition as youth players in sports for life. Siwon Kim (right in the photo) and Seungmin Lee ( right in the photo ).

The two players, who become middle school students in March, plan to advance to the elite basketball teams of Whimoon Middle School (Kim Si-won) and Yongsan Middle School (Lee Seung-min), respectively. The two players, who consistently stood out in basketball competitions for life sports, embarked on the path of elite basketball in earnest. 슬롯사이트

Kim Si-won said, “I thought I wanted to play elite basketball little by little while learning basketball and participating in sports competitions. And in the 6th grade, I decided on elite basketball and my parents said they would help. Instead, I promised that I would not neglect my studies.” talked

Lee Seung-min also decided to play elite basketball around the same time.

Lee Seung-min said, “I was playing both soccer and basketball. I studied hard while attending an academy. I had no intention of becoming a basketball player, but I became good at it and it was fun, so I chose elite basketball. I was contacted to play basketball,” he said.

The two youths, who have won many championships together in the Sports for Life basketball tournament, now have to overcome each other on the elite stage.

Kim Si-won said, “(Lee) Seung-min and I won many competitions. Now, if I meet an opponent, I want to compete hard and compete.” , I think it will be interesting and interesting,” he smiled.

The two players, who became interested in basketball through life sports, now have to develop and move forward through elite sports. So many things change in basketball.

Siwon Kim, whose role model is Stephen Curry, expressed his determination, “I plan to listen carefully to the stories of the elite coaches and my brothers and learn hard. I will become a better player by exercising more and playing basketball more.”

Lee Seung-min, whose idol is Luka Doncic, said, “I’m ready to learn from my brothers and friends who are good at basketball. I will work hard in defense and fast-attack to learn a lot and become a good player.”

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