Ulsan/Reporter Lee Jae-bum] “I think the playoffs are a completely different season. The playoff experience is also very important, so I worry a lot.”

Changwon LG defeated Ulsan Hyundai Mobis 94-80 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball away game held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 2nd. With the victory on the day, LG recorded 29 wins and 15 losses, securing the second place.

LG had a bad start, but showed concentration from the second quarter. From the middle of the third quarter, they played exciting basketball, overturning an 11-point inferiority and achieving a complete victory by 14 points.

The player who scored the most points in the game that day was Lee Jae-do with 21 points (3 3-point shots, 3 rebounds and 8 assists).

After winning that day, Lee Jae-do returned to the game alone with his impressions and no questions asked.

“I am happy to win. Knowing that the match against Hyundai Mobis is important (to keep second place), I decided to come out. (Hyundai Mobis) key players (Ham Ji-hoon, Jang Jae-seok, Lee Woo-seok) were missing, so it was a burden. (From the opposing team) When players outside of the top 5 enter, the performance is not good. In the beginning it went the same way. 먹튀검증

We were shaken, but our defense and transition went well, so we had a good game. Marey had a lot of fouls, but Cunningham did well. In addition to the top 5, players who came in later did well. The match played according to the ideal plan.

It is a fight for 2nd and 3rd place, and the confrontation with Hyundai Mobis and SK is the last match of the 6th round. Before that, we had to beat Hyundai Mobis to comfortably place second, so we focused on it. I thought the goal should come from my side, so I played aggressively from the beginning, and it worked well.”

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