“It’s a friendly argument. I’m ready to open my wallet.”

Jeju United’s ‘new captain’ Choi Young-joon (32) is a prepared ‘king of communication’. He started as a trainee and grew into a top-notch defensive midfielder in the K-League. Choi Young-joon learned his life by experiencing promotion and relegation, championship and runner-up on the ground. This is why the pain and tears, joy and joy of the people around you are inevitably visible.

Youngjun Choi leads the team as captain for the new season. He said, “Director Nam Gi-il seemed to be struggling with the issue of appointing the captain. I conveyed my intention through head coach Jeong Jo-guk. The coach asked, ‘Is it really okay to do it?’ “I don’t have an active personality, but I try to be active within the team. I wanted to focus on being the captain.”

He has experienced captaincy with Pohang Steelers in the past. Choi Young-jun said, “It was when I was a loan player in Pohang. I made a claim. I am a friendly captain. I talk a lot and play a lot. ” he laughed.

What Choi Young-joon cares about the most is the young players on the team. He said, “I started as a trainee. When I see young players on the team, I am amazed at how well they kick the ball. So I tell the players, ‘I was worse than you at your age. I did too, 먹튀검증 but you will do better.’ “I’m ready to buy food for the players at any time. I think that’s why I get a slightly higher salary than younger players. I’m ready to talk and communicate anytime.”

Choi Young-joon, who has added the responsibility of being the captain, is preparing for the season hotter than anyone else. The ‘hustle play’ that does not spare the body continues this year. He is applauded for his diligent play during the winter training camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In fact, he ran with his teeth clenched even in the practice game held before the interview. His face and limbs were full of bruises.

He said, “There is a move the coach wants. It’s difficult, but I’m working hard. My goal this season is to advance to the Asian Champions League (ACL). Because I’m a player, of course I want to win. But we realistically aim for the ACL. That’s right. In order to become a strong team, we have to take steps step by step. This year, I want to secure the right to advance to the ACL on my own. That’s my personal goal and the team’s goal this season,” he said, urging his voice.

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