Tottenham Hotspur coach Luis Enrique, who was for sale, Chelsea contacted Julian Nagelsmann.

The British ‘Telegraph’ reported on the 4th (Korean time), “Chelsea approached Nagelsmann and Enrique. They started looking for a replacement for Graham Porter and contacted the two.”

“Chelsea has drawn up a list of new managers and the top of the list is Nagelsmann and Enrique. Both are believed to be interested in Chelsea. We will also be in contact with Spalletti and Ruben Amouring,” he added.

The directors mentioned by the media are the people Tottenham were originally aiming for. After parting ways with Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, he is currently taking over as acting manager Christian Stellini. At the same time, Enrique, Nagelsmann, Glasner, and Pochettino were immersed in summer senior work. 메이저놀이터

However, when Chelsea joined, a problem arose. Chelsea recently sacked Porter. He immediately started looking for a replacement manager and, unfortunately, was almost identical to Tottenham’s interest list. There is no choice but to overlap because the directors’ sales that are released at this point are limited.

In particular, in the case of Nagelsmann, Tottenham’s favorite manager, he is humiliatingly destined to be rejected. Reporter Florian Plattenberg of Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ explained, “Coach Nagelsmann is a target for Chelsea. Tottenham is not an option for coach Nagelsmann.” Even manager Enrique is interested in the Chelsea baton. All the figures who were considered Tottenham’s frontrunners have fallen for Chelsea.

If this goes on, Tottenham’s appointment of the next manager is expected to be difficult. I had planned to get it set up quickly this summer, but the arrival of Chelsea made it even more complicated.

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