Toronto Raptors change manager.

The Raptors announced on the 22nd (Korean time) that they had fired head coach Nick Nurses. The manager who won the Toronto club’s first championship in 2019 has left the team.

The Nurses took over as Toronto manager for the 2018-2019 season, succeeding manager Dwayne Casey. From his first year, he led the team to championships. He managed Toronto for five seasons, going 227-163 in 390 games.

It is expected that the sluggishness this season had a decisive effect on his sack. Toronto shouted winnow, such as signing Jacob Puddle at the trade deadline, but the final score was only 9th in the East. The season ended with an upset by 10th seed Chicago in the subsequent play-in tournament.

The Nurse coach is expected to receive a lot of attention in the coaching market. Although his performance this season is disappointing, he is already a proven leader. He is also rumored to be a candidate for manager of the Houston Rockets. 메이저사이트

Meanwhile, according to ESPN, Toronto is considering former Boston Celtics manager Eme Udoka as their first choice for their next manager. Udoka led the team to runner-up in his first year in charge, but was sacked after being caught having an affair with a female club employee.

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