As the Asian quota system was introduced for the first time in Korean professional volleyball, the Mongolian middle blocker duo who applied for the tryout is attracting attention.

Jeju Halla Gymnasium on the 25th, where the first evaluation match of the 2023 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men’s Asia Quarter Tryout and Draft was held. Managers and coaching staff of seven men’s clubs set out to find the best Asian players.

KOVO introduced the Asian quota system to increase the club’s player management efficiency and to arouse interest in the league through the participation of players of various nationalities. It also aims to create new income through the sale of overseas broadcasting rights in the Asian market, and to provide opportunities for foreign players attending domestic schools to continue their careers as domestic players.

In the first Asian quarter, 24 players from 7 countries challenged. Among them, there are players who have experience of attending Korean universities. They are Bayarsaihan (25, 197cm) and Eddy (24, 198cm), who came to study volleyball in Mongolia.

The two players, who attended the same high school in Mongolia, entered the prestigious Suncheon Jeil High School in 2017 to achieve their dream of becoming volleyball players. After graduating from high school, Bayar Saihan went to Inha University and Eddy went to Sungkyunkwan University and jumped into the college league. And naturally, I came up with the goal of entering the V-League.

The two players tried to challenge the V-League through general naturalization, which can apply if they have lived in Korea for more than 5 years. Although there was a language barrier, I put in effort, such as acquiring a certificate for the Korean Proficiency Test. 먹튀검증

However, as the naturalization law was changed to require a history of paying taxes for more than 5 years, the two players with no income almost lost the opportunity to challenge the V-League. However, with the introduction of the Asian quota system, the dream of entering the V-League was seized again.

In this tryout, the two players are recognized for their outstanding skills and are considered the biggest fish. Although he is a foreign player, he is also fluent in Korean, so he does not need an interpreter.

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