Recently, an interesting scene is produced in LG Twins Kim Hyun-soo’s batting. Kim Hyun-soo hits to the left while the opponent moves the defenders to the right. Last year, I sometimes deliberately pushed and hit, but there were many cases where I got fouls. But he’s also pushed to the left this year to even create a double.

Maybe that’s why Kim Hyun-soo’s batting average went up. In 25 games this season, he has a batting average of 3.8 and 2. (34 hits in 89 at-bats) with one home run and 17 RBIs. He ranks second in batting average and tied for fourth in hits.

It’s Kim Hyun-soo, a hit machine I haven’t seen in a long time. He won the batting title in 2008 and 2018, and won the most hits for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009. At the time, Kim Hyun-soo was called a hitting machine.

Lately, he seems to be paying more attention to RBIs rather than batting average. His batting average of 3.3 1 in 2020 was his last 3. 5 Lee in 2021 (144 hits in 506), and last year he batted 2.8 6 (150 in 524). did.

This year, he has returned to his old hitting machine with a high batting average from the beginning of the season.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop paid attention to the hit from the left. Director Yeom said, “This year, there are more hits that go to the left by pushing.” Of Kim Hyun-soo’s 34 hits, there were 15 hits on the right side, 8 hits in the center, and 11 hits on the left side. 44.1% were right, 23.5% were central, and 32.4% were left. It is truly a spray technique.

The past two years have been different. Last year, 71 (47.3%) of 150 hits were on the right, 47 (31.3%) were in the center, and 32 (21.3%) were on the left.

Even in 2021, the right side was 38.8%, the center was 36.8%, and the left side was 24.3%, so there were not many left hits. Compared to this year, the ratio of left hits increased by about 10%p.

So, the opposing team often used an extreme defensive shift against Kim Hyun-soo. As a result, he vacated the third base side and played defense covering only left-middle to right. Depending on the ball count, there were cases where four infielders were placed only between second base and first base.

Of course, I hit a lot to the right and placed a lot of fielders on the right, and as a result, there were many cases where hits were caught. His batting average had to drop.

Recently, Kim Hyun-soo frequently shows scenes where fielders make hits that make the opponent collapse by pushing them to the left when they completely empty the third base.

NC coach Kang In-kwon, who uses defensive shifts well, said, “If Kim Hyun-soo hits like that the next time we meet, I have to think about shifting Kim Hyun-soo.” 메이저놀이터

The difference Kim Hyeon-soo saw from director Yeom was the ‘wall’ on his right shoulder. Director Yeom said, “Last year, when I looked at the batting, I hit with the right wall collapsed. As a result, there were cases where I couldn’t hit it even if I wanted to hit it with the left side.” there is,” he said.

Coach Yeom predicted that Kim Hyun-soo could hit only one home run, but if he continued to hit, he would be able to hit a lot of long hits in the future.

If the spray hits continue like this, the opposing team’s defensive shift might disappear in the future.

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