The remarks of SSG Landers’ eldest brother and clubhouse leader Choo Shin-soo (41) became a hot topic. If you look closely, it feels like an inconsistency.

Choo Shin-soo appeared on ‘DKNET’, a Korean radio station in Dallas, Texas, USA on the 21st (Korean time). In this broadcast, he revealed his thoughts on the composition of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) team.

Choo Shin-soo expressed regret, citing the lack of new faces in the national team. A representative example is the trio Kim Gwang-hyun (35, SSG), Yang Hyeon-jong (35, KIA Tigers), and Kim Hyun-soo (35, LG Twins), born in 1988, who are high-ranking slashers.

Kim Gwang-hyeon and Kim Hyeon-soo have been playing as members of the national team since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At the time, he boarded the national team at the young age of 20 with outstanding skills, but he is still putting his name on the national team 15 years later. Starting with the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, Yang Hyeon-jong has also been steadily onboard the national team.

Choo Shin-soo regretted that young players were not selected for the national team and said, “In Korea, just look at Kim Hyun-soo. Kim Hyun-soo has good grades and skills to represent Korea, but if it were me, I would have seen the future. 먹튀검증 If I had looked at the future rather than the immediate results, it would be true that many players would not go, and there should have been many new players. Until when are Kim Gwang-hyun and Yang Hyeon-jong? Didn’t there be an article in Japan saying ‘Kwang-Hyun Kim is here again’?”

“If you look at playing in Korea, there are a lot of young and talented players. If you let such players go to international competitions from a young age, the emotions and minds they feel change enormously. For example, Moon Dong-ju (20, Hanwha Eagles) is said to be lacking in control, but from my point of view, there is no pitcher who can throw as much as he does now. The same goes for Ahn Woo-jin (24, Kiwoom Heroes). It is Korean baseball’s job to create opportunities for these players to show up in international competitions and go abroad. I felt regretful about that,” insisting on the need for a generational change.

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