Coach Nam-il Kim’s tireless efforts to revive the stagnant team are bearing fruit little by little.

Manager Kim Nam-il was appointed to Seongnam FC in 2020. He managed Seongnam with a pragmatic style of maintaining solid defense and creating chances with quick counterattacks. Although he had a difficult time, he succeeded in staying in the K League 1 through a last-minute overturn. It was like that in 2020 and it was the same in 2021. 카지노 Fans wanted to play in the K-League 1 stably, aiming for a higher place, not a competition for survival.

However, 2022 has been more difficult than the last two years. Before the game against Incheon United on the 30th, Seongnam had only 12 points in 22 matches. It remained at the bottom of the table throughout the season. Both goals scored and conceded hovered around the lowest level. In particular, staying at the top of the most goals with 42 points was a decisive factor in the downtrend. The points gap with the teams above has widened.

In order to find a breakthrough, director Kim Nam-il made every effort. While talking with fans, he appealed for his support and strengthened the squad through recruitment. He also tried to turn the atmosphere around by changing tactics and using younger players. Nevertheless, Seongnam did not win for 70 days. There was no home win, and the 8-match winless trend continued.

After the match against Jeju United, there was a two-week break in the aftermath of the 2022 East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E-1 Championship (East Asian Cup). Coach Nam-il Kim created a place to communicate with the entire team in order to save the stagnant atmosphere and seek a direction to move forward. Players wrote improvements and wishes anonymously on a piece of paper. Coach Nam-il Kim listened to the thoughts of the players by collecting his opinions and talking openly. He is also known to have dined with seniors, mid-levels, and rookies.

Sharing problems and finding ways to improve had a positive impact on the team. In the game against Incheon held on the 30th, they won 3-1 and added 3 points for the first time in a long time. It was also their first home win this season. After the game, when the players were asked what factors contributed to Incheon’s 3-1 victory, they all cited the meaningful spot. 카지노

I knew it, but I pretended not to know it, and I tried to correct the things that I had turned my back on, and it seemed decisive to break down the wall between the players and the coaching staff. ‘Inter Football’ heard more details through a phone interview with manager Kim Nam-il.

Q. How did you come to create a place for communication?

The situation was not good, so I tried a lot of different things. Creating a place to communicate was one of them. I should have approached and communicated with the players first, but it hasn’t worked out in the meantime. During the break, I listened to what they were thinking from the player’s point of view, not from the leader’s point of view. While sharing a consensus on what we want, we also listened to what the players wanted to say. I think it was very positive.

Q. Are there any words you remember?

Almost every story had to do with me. The phrase “I wish we could communicate” touched me the most. There were also players who mentioned tactical things. An atmosphere was formed in which complaints and dissatisfaction were reduced and everyone worked together to do their best.

Q. You categorized the players by their careers and had a meal. Did you feel a lot there?

The difference in position is bound to be different. We listened carefully to each other’s opinions and concerns. I got a lot of inspiration from talking with seniors. Although it is true that it is not easy for newcomers to speak, there were some who actively expressed their thoughts. I decided to have a place where I can communicate more with the players.

Q. Was it the aftermath? Kim Ji-soo and Kim Hoon-min and other young players did well against Incheon.

Synergy emerged. It must have been a very stressful match for them. Still, I was satisfied with how well I thought. In particular, (Kim) Hunmin must have been very nervous and complicated because it was his debut, but he did his part 100%. It will be a game that will boost your confidence.

Q. It was noticeable that the foreign line was also revived. Milos was especially great.

He is proving why he is a Montenegrin national team player. Including his passing ability, he made up for what we lacked in the past. He also seems to communicate well. It is becoming a great force. (Looking back on the past two years, there were recruits like Na Sang-ho and Kwon Kyung-won in the summer that would change the atmosphere. Can Milos join that line?) That’s right.

Q. The transfer market movement was also one of the efforts to turn around. In the process, the Mulich transfer was also canceled.

When the transfer was mentioned, he would have been the most saddened. It is true that I am very sorry. Still, I accepted it well because I had a strong professional spirit and a very good personality. He didn’t think he would work hard if he was in a bad mood, but he quietly did a good job. He is a player to be thankful for in many ways. He played well today. During the break, I was working out too hard with weights, so I said half-jokingly and half-seriously, “Stop doing the weights.”

It seemed like he hadn’t done enough strength training during his career. Now that I’m trying to fix it, there will be a lot of difficult parts. I still had my shortcomings and habits, but I’m working hard.

Q. The issue of the transfer market was well resolved, and through communication, the atmosphere was strengthened and a valuable victory was achieved. What is the direction Seongnam will go now?

Looking back, I was too obsessed with the outcome. We were impatient and focused too much on our opponents, so we couldn’t do what we were good at. I feel that it is the cause that led to the bad situation. If you pay more attention to details in the process of making it, you will be able to produce the same performance and results as today. I try to think first of all what to prioritize in the future. I will try harder to get out of the bottom. We will continue to communicate in the future.

In the meantime, I was stingy with praise too much. We plan to show more positive words and actions so that the players do not lose confidence. I will take good care of my younger friends. It won’t be easy to change everything, but I will try to fill in the missing parts.

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