The TeamLeague is in the midst of its third round of three games, and the battle for the top spot is heating up with some winning teams and some losing teams. First-round winner NHK Card is still dominating with three straight wins, while Eswai is in a three-game losing streak. SK Rent-a-Car Direct also recorded its first win in the third round to start the race for the top spot.

SK Rent-a-Car Direct defeated the Huon Throne 4:3 in straight sets in Game 3 of the 23/24 Season Welcome Savings Bank Team League 3R at the Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on Saturday.

The SK Rent-a-Car vs. Huon’s match was a back-and-forth affair thanks to the even performance of the team members. The score was tied at 2:2 until the fourth set. In the fifth set, Repence came out and defeated Choi Sung-won 11:5 in five games, but in the next set, Hida Orie lost to Kim Se-yeon 5:9 (9 games) and the score was tied again (3:3).

The final set pitted KIM Bong-hui (SK Rent-a-Car) against KIM Bong-chul (Huon’s). Kim won 11:3 (6 games), including 5 high runs, to give his team the first win of the third round (2 points). 메이저사이트

Welcome Savings Bank came from behind to win the match in four sets after dropping the first three sets to Eswai. It was a tough loss for Welcome as they dropped sets 1-3 in straight sets. However, in the fourth set (Mixed Doubles), Seo Hyun-min and Choi Hye-mi won the ‘love game’ (9:0) against Hwang Deuk-hee and Lee Woo-kyung. In the fifth set (Men’s Individual), Lee Sang-dae defeated Park In-soo 11:1, and in the sixth set (Women’s Individual), Kim Ye-eun defeated Han Ji-eun 9:4 to tie the score at 3:3.

Kim Lim-kwon, the final player of Welcome, completed the upset by defeating Eswai Lee Young-hoon 11:2 (6 innings) in the seventh set.

First-round winners NHK Card and second-round winners Blue One defeated Hiwon Resort and Hana Card, respectively, with a set score of 4:1. With the victory, NHK Card has won three straight games, while Blue One is now 2-1.

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