The World Baseball Classic (WBC) Japan team is very nervous because Seiya Suzuki (29, Chicago Cubs), one of the key players in both offense and defense, is in poor condition.

Japanese sports newspaper Sports Hochi reported on the 26th that Suzuki could not participate in an exhibition game against San Francisco in Phoenix Mesa, Arizona due to side pain, and expressed concern with the headline, “Dark clouds for the Japanese national team?” Major Japanese media outlets such as Kyodo News also reported related news from a similar perspective.

Suzuki was scheduled to start as the fourth hitter and right fielder against San Francisco that day. However, during batting practice before the game, he felt pressure on his left side and missed the game.

Suzuki plans to schedule a later date after undergoing detailed examinations such as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) tests in the future. As of now, the normal participation in the competition, which is coming up in two weeks, seems uncertain. This is because the side of the batter is a difficult part to recover quickly when abnormal symptoms appear. 바카라

Suzuki is selected as the starting right fielder for the Japanese national team. Japan national team coach Hideki Kuriyama planned to build a big league outfield team with Masadaka Yoshida of Boston in left field and Las Nutba of St. Louis in center field along with Suzuki.

Suzuki showed competitiveness last year in the big leagues with a batting average of 0.262, 104 hits and 14 home runs with an OPS of 0.769. If it is difficult to compete at the top of the WBC, the loss to the national team will inevitably be small.

The extent of Suzuki’s injuries is still unclear. However, Suzuki started camp at 106 kg, increasing his weight by 10 kg from last year to increase his power for the new season, and this change may have had an effect.

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