The San Antonio Spurs made a trade.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, San Antonio secured Dwayne Deadman (center, 208cm, 111kg) from the Miami Heat and the 2028 second round pick.

San Antonio agreed to hand Miami the cash in exchange for the pick with Dedman.

Trade Overview

Spurs get Dwayne Deadman, 2028 round 2 ticket
Miami get cash

Why Spurs?
San Antonio, which is in the middle of a major reconstruction, has secured a ticket to the second round through this trade. Although he brought in Deadman and filled his inside power, it is expected to be a plan to secure the right to appoint because there is room in the salary cap. Deadman can be classified as a practical contract with a contract until the upcoming 2023-2024 season, but the next season’s salary is not guaranteed.

Ahead of this trade deadline, San Antonio is hoping to release Jacob Puddle and Josh Richardson. It is because they hope to secure nomination rights or prospects through them. If Puddle is traded, it may be his intention to play the rest of the season through Deadman, as he needs to fill up his inside power. However, it is known that San Antonio will not part with Deadman.

That is, you can trade or release Deadman again. The contract may be terminated, and if it is not feasible, release is expected. San Antonio has released six players even though contracts remain, but the salary cap does not reach $100 million by adding the total annual salaries of the existing players this season. Even with a normal release, the damage is not great.

He has already played for San Antonio. In the 2016-2017 season he spent one season with San Antonio. He signed a multi-year contract in the summer of 2016, but the second year, the last year of his contract, was under the condition that the salary was not guaranteed, and he did not return after the season. After that, he went to the Atlanta Hawks, then the Sacramento Kings and Miami.

why hit?
Miami has lowered its spending with this trade. Reporter Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald said the trade reduced Miami’s spending. By relieving Deadman, who is paid $4.7 million this season, Miami has a $5 million margin on the luxury tax line. This will allow them to move more aggressively ahead of the deadline.

In addition, with Deadman’s departure, the squad secured an additional vacancy. If a trade is not feasible, it is to prepare conditions to bring in another player in the transfer market. Miami, which is expected to try to organize existing contracts and reinforce power before the primary deadline, can consider a wide range of secondary reinforcements through free contracts. However, in reality, it does not seem easy to fill the power in the trade market. 바카라

Initially, Miami agreed to join him again this summer to use as a backup center. However, this season, he did not show clear competitiveness like last season, so he traded him to reduce expenses and secure a position. Deadman is averaging 5.7 points (.496 .297 .727) and 3.6 rebounds in 11.7 minutes per game in 30 games for Miami this season.

Miami has been known to be interested in several players throughout this season. But there was no trade. Recently, he tried to do something different with Dedman and Duncan Robinson for future first-round tickets, but he failed. Because Deadman’s skills are at their limit and Robinson’s contract is burdensome. In the end, it is understood that Miami has exhausted its second-round pick to send Dedman.

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