The end of the road for Sacred Heart Youth has come with the termination of his contract.

The club announced on its website on Monday (July 21) that it had “concluded an internal investigation into Mason Greenwood. The process began in February 2023 when all charges were dropped. We have endeavored to gather as much information as possible. Based on the information we obtained, we concluded that Mr. Greenwood was not involved in the offenses for which he was charged. As Mr. Greenwood has publicly acknowledged today, mistakes were made and he takes responsibility. Everyone involved recognizes the difficulties he faces in continuing his career at United. We have therefore mutually agreed that it would be in Greenwood’s best interests to leave Old Trafford,” the club said in a statement announcing the termination and parting of ways.

Prior to the club’s announcement, Greenwood said, “I grew up knowing that violence or abuse in any relationship is wrong. I was cleared of all charges in February, but I fully recognize that I made a mistake and will take responsibility. I am learning to take responsibility to lead by example as a professional athlete and I am focused on being a good partner and father. The best decision for all of us is to leave Old Trafford and continue my career. I am grateful to my family and everyone who has supported me and now I have to repay the trust. I want to be a better player, but I also want to be a good father and a good person, and I will use my talents in a positive way on and off the pitch.” It didn’t take long for their journey together to come to an end.

Greenwood is one of Manchester United’s most promising youngsters. The youngster, who has represented England at every age group, has made a name for himself since making his professional debut in the 2018-19 season. In 2019-20, he scored 10 goals in 31 appearances in the English Premier League (EPL) and five goals in the UEFA Europa League (UEL), proving his potential.

Greenwood’s meteoric rise was punctuated by trouble off the field. After his call-up to the England squad in 2020, it was reported that he and Phil Foden had allowed a woman into their hotel room. It was a disgraceful act that was criticized as a breach of coronavirus protocols, as well as an unruly personal life. Greenwood apologized and put the matter behind him.

The controversy resurfaced. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault and death threats against his girlfriend. An audio recording circulating on social media shocked the country. “We are aware of the allegations circulating on social media. We will not comment further until the facts are known. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated. He will not return to training or matches until further notice.” And with that, Greenwood was suspended and gone.

The situation spiraled out of control. “United have suspended the sale of their jerseys after Nike cut ties with Greenwood’s side,” global outlet reported. Greenwood was suspended after video and audio of his alleged misconduct was circulated.”

“Greenwood was paid £270,000 ($437,000) in less than a month despite being suspended over the sexual assault allegations, and has already earned £41,000 ($66.5 million) from sponsors and copyright-related revenue,” said Britain’s The Sun. Greenwood still receives a weekly salary of £75,000 (about $102.6 million) from United. He spent three nights in police custody being questioned and Manchester Police released him on bail.”

“Greenwood remains on bail six months after his arrest,” the UK’s Mirror reported. Police have not formally charged him and United continue to pay his £75,000-a-week salary. The Greenwood home is monitored by a high-end security firm and CCTV is visible. The blinds are down and a car is parked, but it’s unclear if anyone is home. Neighbors report that Greenwood is rarely seen,” he explained.

In the end, he was found not guilty. But his chances of returning to United were slim. “Greenwood is waiting to see if he can play for United again,” said Team Talk in England. His last appearance was against West Ham United in January 2022. Greenwood was later charged with attempted rape, but the charges were dropped. In February, the Crown Prosecution Service said the charges had been dropped.”

But there was a lot of opposition from both inside and outside the club. Eventually, the farewell weighed in. “If United do let Greenwood go, rumors have suggested he could be heading to Turkiye or China,” said Team Talk. However, Greenwood is now being linked with a move to Italy’s Serie A.” AC Milan and Atalanta have been linked with Greenwood. 스포츠토토

Finally, today, United officially announced their farewell to Greenwood. The youngster, who was once the center of attention in England and beyond, has left Old Trafford in disappointment.

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