It was as expected. The introduction of the pitch clock in the major league demonstration games led to a dramatic reduction in game time. 25 minutes was reduced.

On the 10th (Korean time), ESPN, an American sports channel, mentioned the time, scoring, and stealing attempts of exhibition games last year and this year.

According to this, the game time has been reduced from 3 hours 1 minute last year to 2 hours 36 minutes this year. The match time was shortened by 25 minutes.

In addition, the number of points per game affected by shift restrictions increased from 10.6 last year to 11 this year. This is an increase of 0.4 points.

Then, attempts at stealing brought about by restrictions on containment and expansion of base size increased by 0.8. It has increased from 1.6 per game last year to 2.4 this year. 위너 토토

BABIP on ground balls continued to increase from 0.235 to 0.258, while strikeout rate decreased from 23.9% to 23.1%. In other words, the game time was reduced, and a little more aggressive baseball was introduced.

Major League Baseball has embarked on a sweeping rule change ahead of this year. It is to reduce the game time and prevent fans from leaving through aggressive baseball.

First, the pitcher must throw within 15 seconds of no runners. 20 seconds with runners. Also, the batter must be ready within 7 seconds.

Not only have the bases grown in size, but all infielders must be on the dirt, with first and second basemen to the right of second base, and third basemen and shortstop to the left of second base.

Here, the pitcher’s check is limited to two times. If the pitcher fails to catch a runner on the third pitch, a balk is declared immediately and a free advance is dedicated.

There are now 20 days left until the start of the major league season. It is noteworthy whether the rule changes will be applied to regular season games as well, reducing game time and a little more aggressive appearance.

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