Peptides are used to stimulate cellular growth and regulate body functions that are deteriorated with age. Peptides are short-chain amino acids that are usually present in the body, and they help maintain the sleep-wake cycle, build muscles, and improve sexual functions. The secretions of the peptides decrease with age.

​Erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire affect a wide range of the population in some countries like the U.S.A. In the U.S., around 20 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction. According to research, primarily men under 40 are affected by erectile dysfunction.

What is Bremelanotide or PT-141 peptide?
​Bremelanotide is the other name for peptide PT-141. PT-141 peptide is considered a miraculous peptide with astounding effects on both males and females. It is a brain-based product to enhance desires and intimacy with your partner. This peptide has proved its worth and is considered a game-changer in treating erectile dysfunction in men.

​PT-141 naturally occurs in the body and stimulates melanogenesis. It enhances libido by activating melanocortin receptors, e.g., MC1R and MC4R. It treats erectile dysfunction not by increasing blood supply but by increasing sexual desires through the nervous system.

​PT-141 binds with the melanocortin receptors MC4R producing arousal in the central nervous system, thus enhancing sexual desires. It is helpful for both men and women to increase sexual desire and satisfaction.

Use of PT-141 in men and women:
​In men, Bremelanotide or PT-141 is mainly used to treat erectile dysfunction. Besides this, it is also used to treat other sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation. This peptide operates differently than other drugs like Viagra and, therefore, 메이저놀이터 can be used to treat causes apart from the reduced blood flow to the genital organs.

​In females, it is a medication that can act as a drug to enhance libido and sexual performance. It benefits women who want to increase their sexual intimacy with their partners.

Dosage of PT-141 for men and women:
​For the males that are not affected by erectile dysfunction, the recommended dose is 1mg or 0.1 ml via the subcutaneous route. If there is a history of erectile dysfunction in that man, the dose will be 4mg or 0.4 ml via the subcutaneous route in the lower right abdominal quadrant. It must be injected 45 minutes before the sexual activity.

​For the females, the recommended dose is 0.750mg to 1mg or 0.075ml to 0.1 ml via the subcutaneous route at least 45 minutes before the sexual activity.

Some side effects of PT-141:
​PT-141 must not be used more than two times a week. Some adverse effects of the PT-141 are nausea, vomiting, upper respiratory tract infection, and pain at the injection site.

Where can I find peptide PT-141?
​Peptide PT-141 is a peptide enhancing sexual desires in both males and females. It is available in a lot of stores, and you can also find it easily online.

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