The San Diego Padres failed to save a billion dollars.

San Diego placed struggling veteran pitcher Rich Hill on waivers. The idea was to save a billion dollars.

But no one wanted him. There was no reason to pay $1 billion for a player who wouldn’t even make the postseason. If he was performing well, they might have considered it, but no team was willing to take a 43-year-old who had fallen into a severe slump since being traded. Hill stayed in San Diego for the rest of the season 카지노사이트.

Since coming to San Diego from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Hill has posted a 9.25 ERA in 24 1/3 innings. For the season, he has a 5.53 ERA in 143 1/3 innings.

Going forward, Hill could serve as a multi-inning reliever for two weeks, or he could make one or two more starts.

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