Dallas declared de facto tanking.

According to a report by Grant Afsens, who covers the news of the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas played Kyrie Irving (31, 188cm), Tim Hardaway Jr. (31, 196cm), and Josh Green (22, 196cm) in a home game against the Chicago Bulls on the 8th (Korean time). , Maxi Cleaver (31, 208cm), Christian Wood (27, 208cm), and most of the key players are missing.

Dallas is currently 38-42 and is in the knockout zone of the Western Conference play-in tournament. It is 0.5 games away from the 10th place Oklahoma City Thunder (39-42), which is the final line of the play-in tournament.

For now, it is impossible to advance to the play-in tournament on your own. This is because if the season ends with the same grades as Oklahoma City, it will be ranked lower than Oklahoma City according to the tiebreaker rule. Unless Oklahoma City loses the final game of the season against the Memphis Grizzlies, which are missing a lot of key players, Dallas will have a hard time advancing to the play-in tournament.

As a result, the Dallas club had its own concerns about whether it should continue to focus on competing in the play-in tournament, and eventually turned to protecting the 10th pick, which is a slightly higher order in the draft.

In conclusion, the ambitious recruitment of Irving ahead of the last trade deadline ended in failure. After moving to Dallas, Irving played in 20 games and averaged 27.0 points (FG 59%), 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 1.3 steals. (*After recruiting Dallas Irving – 9 wins, 15 losses)

The synergy with Luka Doncic (23, 201cm) fell short of expectations, and Dallas continued to slump after slump. Eventually, the team ranked in the 4th seed in the Western Conference. It also fell to the bottom of the Western Conference. There was no greater panic than this for Dallas fans who had high expectations of making the playoffs with the recruitment of Irving.

Now, attention is focused on Irving’s next move. Irving, who is eligible for off-season free agency, is expected to attract many people’s attention to whether Dallas and Irving’s companionship can continue in the off-season, with an uncertain future being drawn between Irving and Dallas, such as rumors of a transfer to the Lakers for a long time.

Meanwhile, the competition between the Golden State Warriors (42-38) and the Los Angeles Lakers (41-39) for a direct ticket to the Western Conference playoffs is expected to be fierce until the end of the season. (*The Lakers own the tiebreaker.) In the midst of this, Golden State leaves the Sacramento Kings on the 8th, and the Lakers call the Phoenix Suns home. In the case of Phoenix, 4th in the West, since the rankings have already been confirmed, they start preparing for the playoffs while giving rest to the main players in the remaining games. 먹튀검증

Sacramento, which has secured the third seed in the West, still has the possibility to rise to second place, but if Memphis wins Milwaukee on the same day, the possibility disappears altogether, so depending on the results of the Memphis game, it seems that the selection of players for the Golden State game will be different. First of all, Sacramento put most of its key players on the injured list, including De’Aaron Pax (25, 190cm) and Domantas Sabonis (26, 211cm).

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