SSC Napoli, which aims to win the Italian Serie A (Scudetto) for the first time since the era of Diego Maradona, met the biggest bad news.

On the 23rd (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), Italian media reported that the Italian prosecutor’s knife went beyond Juventus to Naples. Currently, Juventus is being punished with a 15 point reduction in Serie A for illegally tampering with the accounting books. The league championship was naturally far away. An appeal is possible, but the atmosphere of the Italian media is that Juventus is unlikely to overturn the game by proving their injustice.

In this state, this time he headed for Naples at the point of the prosecutor’s sword. Italian media <La Repubblica> said, “This is just the beginning,” and noted, “Prosecutor Giuseppe Chine has requested materials related to Naples chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis.” According to <La Repubblica>, Aurelio De Laurentiis’ offices in Naples, Rome and France were raided last summer. It seems that there were documents including the transfer of Victor Osimen.

If Napoli are found to have manipulated the accounting books abnormally like Juventus, there is a good chance they will be punished with a point reduction as well. Juventus’ precedent makes that possibility even greater. 슬롯사이트 The issue seems to be whether Victor Osimen’s transfer was paid in a normal process. Victor Osimen moved from Lille to Napoli in September 2020 for 75 million euros (approximately 100.8 billion won).

Napoli’s last scudetto was the 1989-1990 season when Diego Maradona was very active. Since then, there has been no championship and ties for 33 years, so the fans’ aspirations are greater than ever. Napoli this season is in a good mood as they are catching the two rabbits of not only performance but also results. Napoli are currently in first place, 12 points ahead of second placed AC Milan. However, as in the case of Juventus, when disciplined, everything can be lost. 

Panguk cannot help but feel sorry for Kim Min-jae, who has emerged as one of the best defenders in the big leagues. Kim Min-jae may also miss the opportunity to experience a big league championship as soon as he comes to Napoli. It remains to be seen how the story will end.

The atmosphere that the decisive events that will influence the Scudetto this season may happen outside the stadium is gradually rising.

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