T1, who entered the playoffs as the fifth-ranked team in the regular season, shaken by the loss of star player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk, dropped the first set to the mighty Genji but took the second to tie the series 1-1. With the score tied at one, T1 began their final ‘seal breaking’ push to the finals.

There was no stopping the multi-talented T1. Once the momentum was in their favor, T1 pushed Genji hard and ended the game in just 22 minutes. Genji was unable to fight back against T1’s momentum and was left on his knees. With this victory, T1 is now one set away from completing the Dojo and advancing directly to the finals. 스포츠토토

T1 took the third set against Genji in the winner-take-all match of the third round of the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Season Playoffs at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on Wednesday with a dominant game management and hitting focus to take the set 2-1.

Genji opened the scoring early in the third set with a kill on ‘Owner’ Moon-hyun-jun, and then scored again around the five-minute mark with another kill on Moon-hyun-jun. As T1 built up their first dragon stack, Genji picked off Moon again. Moon’s growth was halted with three early deaths.

Angered, T1 fought back, picking up Kim “Phase” Soo-hwan on the bottom and Han “Peanut” Wang-ho near the top jungle. Around the 9-minute mark, Lee “Kumayushi” Min-hyung picked up Soo-hwan to set the tone. Genji seemed to take the early lead, but T1 reversed it with a series of wins on the bottom.

While Genji built up their first dragon stack, Lee Min-hyung took advantage by scraping the Genji mid’s first turret. A massive engagement in front of the herald at around 16-minutes broke the tense balance. T1 racked up four kills to win the game and take the messenger.

T1 increased their momentum at 18-minutes by releasing a messenger on the bottom, destroying Genji’s bottom two turrets and picking up three more kills. The gold gap quickly grew to over 5,000. T1 had effectively won the game. At 19-minutes, the towers were engaged, and T1 racked up four kills to put the kibosh on Genji. It wasn’t enough for Genji to restore the balance of power that was rapidly slipping away.

With the baron in hand, T1 pressed into Genji’s lane and even managed an ace in the engagement to take the third set in 22 minutes. This left T1 just one set away from the final.

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