“You must have expectations for me. I will work harder to help the team and become a player who lives up to expectations.”

Eddie (24, Mongolia), who came to Korea to study volleyball from Mongolia, said this to coach Kim Sang-woo, who was holding the team’s baton in 2021, when he was a sophomore at Sungkyunkwan University. At the time, Eddie, who had been living in Korea for 4 years, had passed level 4 of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).

Two years later, Eddie became a professional volleyball player. And director Kim also had expectations for him again. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, with coach Kim at the helm, nominated Eddie by winning the first overall pick in the 2023 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men’s Asian Quarter Draft held at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th.

Manager Kim said, “It is true that Eddy had a desire to do better because he knew what process Eddie went through to come to this point.” He will help Eddie in many ways to adapt well to his professional career.” Eddie said, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for six years. He came to Korea at a young age and lived apart from his family, but the moment his name was called, he remembered his mother a lot.”

Eddie applied for this draft as a middle blocker (center), but he is a resource that can also be used as an opposable spiker (right) and outside hitter (left). Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance plans to use Eddy as an opposit spiker. Manager Kim said, “I’ve had Eddie play every position since college, and Opposite Spiker’s strength stands out the most.” 메이저사이트

Bayarsaihan (25), who was called the ‘Mongolian duo’ along with Eddy, was selected by OK Financial Group in fourth place and stood on the professional stage. Bayarsaihan said, “I was anxious because my name was not called until the third place, thinking, ‘I couldn’t show my skills properly in the practice game. trained together. Ho-jin said, ‘Come to our team’, but it’s a reality and I feel good.”

Unlike the existing foreign player system, the Asian quota is a new system that selects one player per team only from 10 Asian countries. Asian quarter players receive 100,000 dollars (approximately 130 million won) in annual salary regardless of gender.

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