The Memphis Recorder Controversy has ended. There were a few mistakes, but most were counted correctly.

On the 28th (Korean time), the most heated issue in the US basketball world was the controversy over record manipulation by Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis).

On the 28th, a user of the American community site ‘Reddit’ claimed that Jaren Jackson Jr.’s defense record was manipulated. Jackson Jr. is a key resource in Memphis, which is considered a strong candidate for the defensive king this season. He is averaging 16.2 points, 6.6 rebounds and 3.1 blocks per game in 33 games this season. When Jackson Jr. plays, the Memphis defensive rating is 103.4, and when he is absent, it will be 111.4. He can be seen as the nucleus of Memphis’ defense.

A Reddit user pointed out that the difference between Jackson Jr.’s home and away defense record is too great. He has 66 blocks and 22 steals in 16 home games, but only 37 blocks and 12 steals in 17 away games.

This user attached several videos together, but there were actually some suspicious scenes. During the opponent’s layup, Jackson Jr. did not make any defensive moves, but when the shot was misfired, it was recorded as Jackson Jr.’s block. As a result, the controversy over manipulation of the Memphis Recorder started, and as more than 3,600 comments were posted on the user’s post, the entire United States was turned upside down.If the record manipulation of the Memphis recorder is true, he is in a situation where he should be fired as well as disciplined. In addition, the game of the defense king competition is also in a situation where it is overturned. That is, if Jackson Jr.’s unrivaled defensive record was fabricated.

Then, American basketball experts mobilized. Experts such as ESPN Kirk Goldsbury, who is regarded as the ‘one-top’ record among basketball experts, as well as Kevin O’Connor of ‘The Ringer’ and Seth Partnow of ‘The Athletic’ all mobilized to investigate the case.

What was the conclusion? Embarrassingly, most of Jackson Jr.’s records were true. O’Connor and Goldsbury said, 메이저사이트 “As a result of the complete survey, 60 of Jackson Jr.’s 66 home block records were sure blocks, and 3 to 5 were slightly questionable blocks.” pointed out The video brought up by a reddit user was one of three blocks that were incorrectly counted.

There were three blocks that were incorrectly counted, but it is too much to see this level of mistake as a controversy over manipulation of the scorer. Jackson Jr.’s bizarre home-away defensive record variance turned out to be real, not fabricated.

Jackson Jr., who wanted to get away from the defending king due to the controversy over the scorer, was able to solidify his position as the defending king through this controversy. ‘Marca’ said, “As the Reddit hypothesis was denied, the possibility of Jackson Jr. as the defending king actually increased.”

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