Chairman of the Hulk Foundation and former coach Lee Man-soo shared memories of his junior, pitcher Seong-jun. On the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday (21st), I started watching a video.

Coach Lee Man-soo started the story by saying, “On the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday, I watched a video sent by junior Sung-jun and started off in a good mood. The video sent by junior Sung-jun was a match against the LG Twins in 1991.” did.

Many people know that when they hear ‘pitcher Seong-jun’, they have to watch the game with the determination that the tempo is so slow that batters, referees, and even spectators will have a hard time. However, coach Lee Man-soo said, “After watching the video I received, I realized that pitcher Seong-jun is not slow. Above all, I know better because I played with pitcher Seong-jun for a long time with battery.” I chewed it over.

It is said that the redemption was quite fast when ‘pitcher Seong-jun’ joined Samsung. As a left-hander, he threw a ball with a good movement and a speed of up to 145-6, and a sharp slider angle, a large drop curve, and a changeup made a good harmony. He has a variety of pitches with fast velocity, so he didn’t have to take long pitching intervals.먹튀검증

Then, since when did Sungjun have a ‘slow tempo’ that will remain in the fans’ minds?

Manager Lee Man-soo said, “Pitcher Seong-Jun’s tempo slowed down as his velocity gradually decreased due to an elbow injury.” He talked about his experience when they formed a battery together. In other words, he found a way to survive in the pros.

In his youth, Seong-Jun, who confidently fought against batters without ever running away from pitching, was actually a player with a fairly good character. He was also a schoolboy, always quiet and alone. In particular, while constantly self-studying Japanese and English, he benefited from being a little closer to American/Japanese professional baseball during the overseas spring camp.

However, coach Lee Man-soo said, “Junior Seong-joon is passionate about baseball beyond any other player. If there was something he did not know well, he was the style to find out what he was curious about regardless of whether he was a junior or a senior.” Passion for it was rated quite highly.

Coach Seong-jun left his beloved team at the end of the 2019 season. Director Lee Man-soo was very sorry about this. “It leaves a lot of regret for Korean professional baseball that a baseball player with many qualities and many abilities leaves the field. Despite this, as a baseball player, I cannot help but regret leaving the field without being able to pass on the know-how to the KBO.”

However, he did not hide his expectations for the future. Lastly, coach Lee Man-soo actively cheered for the junior, saying, “I believe that junior Sung-joon, who has faithfully walked the right path throughout his life, will continue to live according to his philosophy no matter what he does.

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