Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) and Jesse Lingard (31, Nottingham) were dissatisfied with Manchester United’s (Man United) training ground facilities, but Casemiro (31) seems to be satisfied.

The Carrington facility at Manchester United’s training ground once came to mind. This is because Ronaldo criticized the outdated facilities at Manchester United’s Carrington training ground in an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan last November. At the time, Ronaldo embarrassed the Manchester United club with an outspoken evaluation comparing it to the past 1st period, saying, “Nothing has changed in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, and even the gym.” 

“Technically, in the kitchen, even the chefs, who are people I really like and appreciate, they stood still in time and that surprised me,” Ronaldo said. .Unfortunately, I re-watched what I already saw when I was 23 or 24 years old.” 토토사이트

Lingard also agreed with Ronaldo. “Compared to Manchester City or Tottenham facilities, they are so far behind in every way,” Lingard said. “Man United are one of the greatest clubs in the world, so the players always want the best. You’ll want a sauna,” he pointed out. 

The British ‘Express’ quoted the British ‘The Times’ on the 22nd (Korean time) and said, “Unlike Ronaldo, the Brazilian national team player Casemiro had no complaints about Manchester United’s facilities. This is in stark contrast to Ronaldo.”

Casemiro confirmed his move to Manchester United from Real Madrid in August last year. When the signing of Frenkie the Yong (26, Barcelona) did not go as planned, Man Utd recruited Casemiro instead. According to the article, Casemiro looked at Manchester United’s facilities before the transfer and gave them a passing grade. It contrasts with Man Utd’s displeasure.

The media claims that “Man Utd spent £8 million (about 12.2 billion won) to improve Carrington last year. An additional £7 million (about 10.7 billion won) was allocated to build additional facilities. A swimming pool and spa downstairs “It’s been redecorated and the tiles have been changed,” he said. 

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