The Lotte Giants met a major bad news ahead of the opening.

Seo Jun-won, who was competing for the 5th selection, is in a state of indictment at the prosecutor’s office after being charged with sexual offenses against minors. Lotte did not wait for the result and immediately took the withdrawal action. Because I felt serious about this issue.

It is a significant loss for Lotte. He lost a pitcher who could be a starting pitcher in an instant. If so, you may be interested in starting pitchers on the market. Among them, the closest pitcher is Jung Chan-heon, a free agent player. Jeong Chan-heon is considered a pitcher who can compete for the 5th starting pitcher.

However, it never seems easy for Jeong Chan-heon to wear a Lotte uniform. Because he doesn’t have a good atmosphere inside.

Lotte general manager Seong Min-gyu said, “I cannot comment on Chan-heon Jeong. The word ‘no comment’ can also be interpreted in different ways. Currently, we cannot say anything about Jeong Chan-heon.”

It can be said that it is an extremely careless situation.

Regarding Chan-heon Jeong, a Lotte official said, “It’s a situation where we can’t say anything. However, it is possible to convey the atmosphere that developing internal power is a better way than recruiting Jeong Chan-heon. Myung-Jun Yoon, Lee-Jun Choi, and others are growing in their ability to serve as the 5th starter within the team. He thinks they will be given a chance first as he has prepared with all his might. Although I am not in a position to make decisions, I think I will fill the vacancy through internal growth rather than recruiting Jung Chan-heon. The possibility of recruiting Jeong Chan-heon seems very low.” 메이저사이트

Even Lotte withdrew, and Jung Chan-heon’s position became narrower. Even the teams in a hurry to start right away are very unlikely to reach out to Jeong Chan-heon first.

Previously, Doosan first declared withdrawal before recruiting. Foreign player Dylan Pyle was hit in the head by a ball during training and injured, requiring a hiatus of nearly a month.

However, Doosan also decided to fill the void with internal growth. In addition, even Lotte, where the starting competitor was eliminated, pulled out, and Jeong Chan-heon’s position could be said to have narrowed even more.

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