Love gives birth to love, and a mysterious relationship creates a deeper and warmer story.

It was in the summer of 2021 that Kang Su-il (36, Ansan Greeners), the “lucky man on the ground,” miraculously met his American father after 35 years. And a year later, Kang Soo-il had a son. His grandfather named his grandson Kang Daniel. Then, dragged by blood, he crossed the Pacific Ocean last fall and embraced his grandson.

Kang Su-il, who got new parents, a wife and a child in two years, said, “Everything is like a dream, and I am just grateful.” Kang Soo-il, who is undergoing rehabilitation after knee surgery, is in charge of coaching the soccer team ‘Goal Hitting Nurses’, 바카라 made up of nurses and nursing students from the Ansan area. He is also active as a model for the menswear brand ‘Sling Stone’. Right before the Lunar New Year holidays, I met Kang Soo-il at the Slingstone showroom in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

Q: Have you seen Kang Soo-il Jr.? Congratulations.

A : “Thank you. I was born on June 20th last year. The name my American father gave me meant to be a wise and courageous person like the prophet Daniel in the Bible. At first, he said he resembled his mother a lot, but these days, I hear a lot that he resembles me. It’s amazing, cute, and on the other hand, it makes my shoulders feel heavy.”

Q: I heard that your American grandfather made a surprise visit.

A : “Last year in October, the church was holding a baby dedication ceremony (bringing a newborn baby to church for the first time to be prayed for), so I went to the pastor’s office, and my father was sitting there. ‘surprise!’ You hid the fact that you came to Korea to do it. I was so surprised and happy, but after my father received Daniel, he showered me with kisses so much that his whole face was covered with saliva. The baby will be stung by the grandfather’s beard, but he can’t speak (laughs). My father laughed and cried while holding Daniel throughout the worship service.”

Q: Did you go with your Korean parents this time?

A: “Sure. We traveled to Jeju Island together and had a good time. The American mother couldn’t come because she was unwell, but she did say hello to her grandson via video call. Her mother said, ‘Just try Daniel coming to America. He said ‘I’ll hold you tight 24/7 and never let you go’. haha.”

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