‘Golden Boy’ Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca) scored his 6th goal, becoming the first Korean player to achieve double-digit attack points in La Liga.

Lee Kang-in’s watery toes exploded once more. Lee Kang-in scored the opening goal in the 13th minute of the second half in the 2022-23 season Primera Liga home game against Athletic Bilbao held in Mallorca Estadi, Mallorca, Spain on the 2nd (Korean time). With this, Lee Kang-in, who recorded 6 goals and 4 assists in the league, recorded his first double-digit attack points since his professional debut, and at the same time set a record for the first Korean player in La Liga.

No one ever recorded double-digit attack points in a single season in La Liga. Lee Chun-soo and Park Ju-young played in La Liga, but failed to leave an impactful record. As an individual Lee Kang-in, this is an achievement achieved in five seasons after debuting on the adult stage in the 2018-19 season after advancing to the Spanish professional football stage as a youth in La Liga Valencia as a child.

In addition, Lee Kang-in, who scored the first multi-goal in La Liga for a Korean player against Getafe on the 24th, is riding a scary rise in the second half and is playing an active role as the dominant ace of Mallorca.

In fact, on this day, Lee Kang-in played the role of starting point and finishing role, which was the start of the opening goal, by himself. In the 13th minute of the second half, when the score was tight 0-0, Lee Kang-in beat the opponent with an exquisite ball touch and dribble breakthrough after the competition at the point below the half line, then crossed over to the Athletic camp and connected a long pass to Amat Ndiaye on the opposite right flank. .

Ndiaye crosses straight away for Bedard Muriki. And Muriki reconnected to Lee Kang-in, who rushed into the penalty box without delay. Lee Kang-in, who received Muriki’s pass from behind, shook the opponent’s net with a powerful left-footed shot and scored the opening goal. League 6 goal. 3 goals in the last 3 matches is a huge increase.

In addition to the opening goal, Lee Kang-in broke through the Athletic camp from time to time and played the role of an attacking ace. Whoscored.com, a soccer statistics site, gave Lee Kang-in, who successfully broke through six dribbles, a rating of 8.42, the highest among both teams.

In addition to breaking through the dribble, Lee Kang-in, who had been actively running around the ground, winning several contests with opponents, was replaced in the 40th minute of the second half. But Mallorca couldn’t stop laughing. 메이저사이트

During extra time in the second half, Luis de Galareta committed a handball foul and awarded a penalty to the opponent, and kicker Iñaki Williams calmly succeeded, ending in an unfortunate 1-1 draw.

However, Mallorca added another victory point and climbed to 12th place in the league with 11 wins, 8 draws, 13 losses and 41 points, widening the gap with Espanyol (31 points) in 18th place, in the relegation zone, to 10 points, virtually avoiding relegation risk and remaining virtually out of danger. It was confirmed.

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