The accumulated information and strategies are unfolded intact in the rookie draft. The focus is on the nominations in front of you, but sometimes the nominations a year later are also kept in your head. Kiwoom, Lotte, and LG, who participated in the 2023 rookie draft in September of last year, did that.

The 2024 rookie draft is pitching strong. There’s about four months left until the draft, but that’s it for now. Many scouts agree that the pitcher bias will be more pronounced than ever in the draft. Koh Hyung-wook, general manager of Kiwoom, said, “This year, pitching resources are at an all-time high. I like Jang Hyun-seok and Hwang Jun-seo, but there are so many good pitchers besides them.”

Kiwoom has the most picks in the upcoming draft. Last winter, I traded with KIA for the 2nd round nomination, and last week traded with Samsung to add the 3rd round nomination. 5 players (9th, 16th, 19th, 24th, 29th overall) will be nominated up to the top 30 in the third round.

It is not the result of obsessing over the nomination right. It is the result of planning to appoint a fielder last year and a pitcher this year. 먹튀검증

In the last 2023 rookie draft, Kiwoom used three nomination rights until the second round. In the first round, Kim Kun-hee, Kim Dong-heon with the second round nomination from KIA, and Oh Sang-won with Kiwoom’s own second round nomination. Kim Gun-hee and Kim Dong-heon are fielders, and Oh Sang-won is a pitcher. Kim Kun-hee doubled as pitcher and catcher, but Kiwoom puts more weight on hitter Kim Gun-hee than pitcher Kim Gun-hee. In the recent Futures League game, Kim Gun-hee is also on a business trip as a batter.

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