“The difference in height is too big.”

Kim Seung-gi, head coach of Goyang Carrot, acknowledged the defeat. It was after losing 83 to 96 to Seoul SK in the 5th round of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ away game held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 5th. With this defeat, Carrot suffered his 19th loss (20 wins) of the season. The ranking is still 5th.

Carrot actively used his main weapon, the 3-point shot, on this day as well. In the first quarter, 11 attempts were made and 6 were successful (55% success rate), taking the early lead. However, SK countered Carrot with its unique speed and height. There was no difference in scores. Carrot led 24-23 in the first quarter. However, in the second quarter, it was completely pushed back by SK’s height and speed. In the second quarter alone, they trailed by 17 points (16-33) and gave the first half 40-56. In the 3rd quarter, they started running 6 3-stores and chased, but the difference in points in the 2nd quarter was too great. 카지노

After the defeat on the day, coach Kim said, “The difference in height was so great that the opponent looked as if they were bringing children. It is a difficult situation in terms of our member composition. We won twice by cheating earlier, but it was all caught.” It’s okay to win,” he said, feeling the regret of the defeat.

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