Prior to the 2023 season, a new restaurant opened at Jamsil Stadium. We plan to expand the ‘right to eat’ of KBO League fans and increase satisfaction by entering various brands.

Snack food brand ‘Igane Tteokbokki’ opened in Jamsil Stadium. It is a brand that started in Nampo-dong, Busan in 1997 and established itself as a specialty tteokbokki in the Kkangtong market.

‘Choryangbonga Fish Cake’, a 50-year-old specialty of Busan, the home of fish cakes, and ‘Gabtori Chicken Gangjeong’, a premium chicken gangjeong brand, are also included. Choryangbonga Fish Cake adheres to the traditional stone mortar method and is fried with canola oil, not cooking oil, to boast the taste of handmade fish cake artisans. Gaptori Chicken Gangjeong is a brand that chef Song Woo-seong participated in the development of a special sauce, launched in 2018 and entered various department stores, capturing the taste of consumers. 메이저사이트

In addition, ‘XOXO Hot Dog & Coffee’ and ‘Songsabu Croquette’ targeting the tastes of the MZ generation will also welcome fans at Jamsil Stadium this year.

For the convenience of fans, the ‘Baseball & Order’ service, which allows food to be ordered and delivered from the store in Jamsil Stadium, will also be expanded to outfield seats.

Park Jeong-joon, head of the Jamsil Stadium management headquarters, said, “As the baseball fan base has expanded, we have tried to satisfy all of the various tastes. In particular, we focused on launching a local restaurant brand, breaking away from the existing large franchise brand-oriented composition.”

Kim Dae-il, general manager of Amoje Foods, who oversees the food and beverage outlets at Jamsil Stadium, said, “We will continue to strive to increase the food satisfaction of KBO League fans through various feedbacks, including customer satisfaction surveys.”

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