The football statistics site ‘livescore’ put together the transfer rumors on the 29th and highlighted Jude Bellingham’s image of him wearing a Real Madrid uniform, saying, “I have decided to join Real Madrid this summer.”

Bellingham is a hot potato that will shake up the upcoming summer transfer window. He is active as a key resource for Dortmund and the England national team.

In particular, in England of the Three Lions, he is considered a rising star who will be responsible for the present and future.

Bellingham’s presence was also prominent on the world stage. He made his mark at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, showing outstanding performances in midfield coordination, linkage, and passing along with his scoring run.

Bellingham’s performance was caught on Real’s radar net. He made the judgment that he was a key resource in the composition of the new Galactico. 스포츠토토

Real Madrid is determined to embrace Bellingham. He is burning his will to recruit while continuing to send love calls.

Real are said to be moving to Germany this week to negotiate the signing of Bellingham.

Bellingham is also said to have decided to join Real among several destinations, and the possibility of accompanying him is gaining momentum.

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