An autographed jersey of former Brazil international Dani Alves, who was imprisoned for sexual assault, is being used as currency inside the prison.

Alves was imprisoned in a prison outside Barcelona, ​​Spain in January. She was arrested last December for sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s in the bathroom of a nightclub in Barcelona. A Spanish court ordered her detention without bail, citing fears of her flight.

According to a report by Spain’s TUDN on the 25th (Korean time), the uniform signed by Alves is being used for bartering inside the prison where Alves is imprisoned. It is a kind of currency. Not only silk uniforms, but also other sporting goods are traded. It is mainly used in exchange for items that are not easily available in prison, such as cigarettes.

An inmate who can move between cells collects uniforms and brings them to Alves, who then signs them. According to Spain’s El Caso, demand for soccer jerseys has quadrupled since Alves’ incarceration.

Alves denied the allegations of sexual assault and claimed he did not know who the victim was. The trial is still ongoing. 안전놀이터

The 39-year-old veteran made his professional debut at EC Bahia in 2001 before moving to Spain. After joining Sevilla FC in 2002, he went through FC Barcelona in 2008. After that, he went through Juventus FC · Paris Saint-Germain · Sao Paulo FC · Pumas UNAM.

Since 2006, he has also played for the Brazilian national team, scoring 8 goals in 126 matches. This is Brazil’s second-highest number of appearances in history.

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