Dededo Sports Complex where Lotte’s spring camp was held on the 3rd. On the second day of camp, the pitching team started pitching in earnest, starting with foreign pitcher Dan Straley’s bullpen pitching. Strayley pitched in the bullpen alone, and then rookies Lee Tae-yeon, Jeong Seong-jong, Na Kyun-an, Na Won-tak, Choi Jun-yong, and Choi Lee-jun took the bullpen mound. All of them pitched the bullpen two days in a row. Coach Bae Young-soo said, “I tried bullpen pitching two days in a row to see the timing of the set motion. He expressed his struggles, saying, “I think he will have to reschedule for set motion pitching in the presence of runners.”

However, the player who made coach Bae Young-soo’s voice grow louder and deepen his worries that day was none other than Yoon Seong-bin (24), who was nominated for the first time in 2017 and Lotte’s ‘sore finger’. Coach Bae Young-soo devoted himself to guiding from the finish camp, and was even included in the spring camp roster. As much as Lotte has been sincere with Yun Seong-bin, coach Bae Young-soo also highly valued Yoon Seong-bin’s potential and taught him sternly. 토토사이트

However, coach Bae Young-soo, who watched the bullpen pitching two days in a row following the previous day (2nd), watched Sung-bin Yoon without saying a word. Coach Bae Young-soo did not instruct Yoon Seong-bin to condition after pitching in the bullpen in Group 1, but ordered him to stand by. And after Group 2 of the bullpen pitching was over, Yoon Seong-bin was called back to the bullpen.

entered from the original theory. In order to balance Yun Seong-bin’s pitching, he started a special customized coaching session. In order to change the form and balance, the upper body moved left and right to use all the strength of the body, the pitching was instructed by first extending the left arm wearing a glove and then shifting the body weight. Sungbin Yun’s ball, which he threw with his left arm outstretched, did not form a group at first. He seemed unfamiliar. However, as he pitched again and again, Yoon Seong-bin’s balls formed a group of shots.

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