“I came to win.”

Three foreign players, selected with great care by the professional baseball team Hanwha, joined the spring camp and cast their ballots like this.

Hanwha announced that Birch Smith (33), Brian O’Gredi (31), and Felix Pena (33) joined the 2023 spring camp that started in Mesa, Arizona, USA on the 2nd (Korean time). Prior to training, they strengthened their determination by joining the team with the coaching staff and players.

Right-handed fireballer Smith said, “I came here because I thought he was a player who could help us win,” and said, “Let’s have a great season together.” Next, Smith asked for help, saying, “I want to learn a lot about Korean culture, including food. 바카라사이트

” I hope you will come to me.

” Pena, who joined as a substitute foreign player last season and signed a new contract, emphasized, “Let’s bring out all our abilities,” and “I want to achieve good results by concentrating as one.

” Two days before the start of the camp, they joined the team’s lodging in Mesa, Arizona to melt into the camp atmosphere in advance of the training.They had light personal training at the lodging, as well as a meeting with general manager Son Hyuk, head coach Carlos Subero, coaches, and the team, and on that day, the team After exchanging greetings, the training began in earnest.

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