○●… Cho Hye-yeon, Women’s Go Quarterfinals

(Hangeul Go = Han Chang-kyu reporter) The ‘royal female go player’ Cho Hye-yeon 9 joined the quarterfinals of the 28th Harimbae Professional Women’s Go Tournament. In the second game of the quarterfinals at the Go TV studio on the afternoon of the 8th, Cho Hye-yeon 9th defeated Kim Joo-ah 3rd in 142 moves.

Kim Joo-ah 3, who had been calmly leading the game, collapsed in the middlegame when her steps were interrupted by motivated moves. Cho Hye-yeon 9th dan also recorded a five-game winning streak against her opponent.

The Women’s Go event was special for Cho Hye-yeon 9th dan. She won her first professional title in women’s noodles, defeating Luina Yiwei for the first time after losing four consecutive finals. This was in 2003, when she was a 9th dan. It was also the first of six consecutive finals from the 7th to the 12th grade.

“I’m in the semifinals now, so I’m sure there will be a lot of surprises around me, saying, ‘Jo Hye-yeon is not dead,’ but I really want to go to the final, and if I do, it will be the first time in decades that I’ve gone up, so I’ll focus on the next game, which will be the biggest challenge,” said Cho Hye-yeon, 9th dan.

In fact, the last time she competed in the final was in 2010 (runner-up) in the women’s noodle competition, and in 2012 (winner) in the first Won Ik-bae Women’s Ryu Sipdan competition. She also won the 7th Daejubae in 2020, her senior year.

Her semifinal opponent is the winner of Choi Jung-Kim Hye-min. Cho Hye-yeon 9 dan, ranked 6th in the women’s rankings, has a 2-9 record against No. 1 Choi Jeong 9 dan and a 14-9 record against No. 8 Kim Hye-min 9 dan. Meanwhile, in the first match of the quarterfinals, Oh Yoo-jin 9-dan defeated Lee Min-jin 8-dan by draw.

○●… Won Je-hoon reaches first final since joining the team

Won Je-hoon, 3rd dan, has reached the final of the 11th Hachan Seok National Wanted Gifted Championship. He defeated Choi Eun-gyu in the semifinals with 242 moves in the morning at the Go TV studio.

The 2005-born players were evenly matched until the middlegame, but Won showed his backbone in the second half. In the head-to-head matchup, Won Je-hoon’s team was significantly ahead with 5 wins and 1 loss.

This is the first time that Won Je-hoon, who became a professional through the 2021 Gifted and Talented Research Student Entry Competition, has reached the final. Last month, he made a name for himself by reaching the main draw of the Mong Baek Hap Bae World Go Open.

His opponent in the final will be Park Ji-hyun, who is a week ahead of him in the rankings. Park is also looking for her first win in her first final since joining the organization. The final will be held in Hapcheon next Saturday (Nov. 16) in a single-elimination match 바카라사이트.

His head-to-head record against Won Je-hoon 3rd Dan is one loss and two wins. Both wins were by half-game. In the September rankings, Park Ji-hyun is ranked 67th and Won Je-hoon is ranked 73rd.

The prize money for the 11th edition of the Hachanseok Nationally Wanted Gifted and Talented Finals, which attracted 27 young knights born after 2005, is 10 million won for the winner and 5 million won for the runner-up. The two finalists will also receive a commemorative daejeon with a top-ranked senior knight.

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