As an active national team member, Ponpun drew a lot of attention in this draft by making a big success against Korea in the Volleyball Nations League last year. In particular, teams with weaknesses in the setter position revealed their intention to recruit him. IBK Industrial Bank had the good fortune of getting the first nomination and succeeded in recruiting Ponpun.

Manager Kim, a former legend setter, said, “We needed a player who could save the speed and height we were looking for. Seeing him play in international competitions, I thought he was the best player for our team. He intended to play volleyball that moves a lot the next season. It’s fortunate that I brought Ponpun with me. I want to make our players move faster and make it a team run by Ponpun,” he explained the background of choosing Ponpun.

Joining the team may be delayed because Ponpun has to digest the national team schedule during the off-season. Manager Kim said, “Until he comes in, Ha-kyung Kim will play. Phonpun seems to have a volleyball of his own. I don’t think you need to touch it much. 안전놀이터 I’m thinking of leaving it to him to run the team. I think it’s right to give advice after that.”

Director Kim continued, “The setter is the leader who leads the team. That’s why he has to make it so that he can play volleyball he thinks. He needs a leader to do well. You shouldn’t try to teach with the leader’s head. He has no choice but to play rigidly. He is a player with ability, so I will open up and help him show his talent,” he said, professing that he would play volleyball entrusted to Ponpun.

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