Hwang Uijo, who has been in the spotlight following a controversy over his personal life, has canceled his upcoming fan meeting and suspended his social media accounts 메이저사이트.

Hwang Uijo became embroiled in a controversy after an anonymous social media account posted a video about his personal life on May 25. The owner of the social media account claimed to be his ex-girlfriend and exposed his personal life in a long series of posts, photos, and videos.

As the controversy spread, Hwang’s management company, UJ Sports, strongly denied the claims of the so-called ‘ex-girlfriend’ and stated, “We have confirmed that sexual slander has been circulated, and we have been requesting and monitoring the investigation of those who have created and spread factually incorrect rumors since immediately.” “We would like to inform you that we will also take strong measures against the spread of reckless rumors.”

The organization further clarified its stance on the controversy after the first announcement.

UJ Sports said, “Currently, we are not communicating through any channels outside of the investigation period. Accordingly, we would like to inform you that any additional information that is being circulated is also false, and we will proceed with legal action against any accounts that are impersonating agency officials or uploading untrue information after further collection.” UJ Sports also announced legal action against the false information.

Meanwhile, Hwang Ui-jo reportedly had his cell phone stolen last year when he was playing for Olympiakos in Greece. Some in the soccer world claim that Hwang has received several death threats since the phone was stolen.

The person claiming to be his “ex-girlfriend” has since deleted the video he posted on social media and deleted the post altogether.

Hwang has vowed to respond to the controversy with strong measures, but his official schedule was eventually canceled.

Initially, Hwang was scheduled to participate in a fan meeting at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 26th. At the event, winners were to be selected from a select group of apartment residents to attend a fan meeting and receive an autographed jersey.

However, when it became known that Hwang would not be participating in any official activities for the time being, the fan meeting was canceled. Currently, Hwang Uijo has also made his personal social media accounts private, effectively blocking his participation in official events and exposure to the outside world 오래된토토사이트.

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