“He is special. It’s great.”

‘Korean Express’ Park Chan-ho recently had a busy schedule in the United States. He also met Jung-Hoo Lee (Kiwoom), who he had been training with privately in LA since January. In the middle of this month, he visited Kiwoom’s spring camp led by ‘best friend’ director Hong Won-ki and gave special guidance to Jang Jae-young, and also confessed his honest thoughts about Lee Jung-hoo.

At the time, Park Chan-ho said, “He is special. Great,” he said. It’s a brief comment, but there is no modifier that can express Lee Jung-hoo more accurately than this. In particular, Park Chan-ho was amazed at how Lee Jung-hoo completely overhauled his batting mechanic through personal training.

Park Chan-ho said, “I also met Lee Jung-hoo. I saw her set up a private camp. I also talked a lot with coach Choi Won-je. When I asked, it was definitely different.” At the same time, he said, “If you give another information to a good player, everyone won’t listen, but Lee Jung-hoo tries ‘try’.”

With the existing batting mechanic, he won 5 crowns, including 2 consecutive victories in the batting championship. However, he changed his form a year early to adapt to the faster-throwing pitchers in the major leagues. 바카라 In his ready position, he lowered his arms from his ears to his chest. Considering the strike zone of the major leagues, his stance was also changed from open to square in order to become more proficient in attacking outside. It’s an adventure, but it’s a ‘challenging spirit’ to do better in a high-level league.

I suddenly thought of Ichiro Suzuki. Park Chan-ho said, “Ichiro had that side. He came to the major leagues and just bunt and shove and that’s it. It was done by referring to all the speedy No. 1 hitters in the United States at the time. He only pushed after the 2nd strike.”

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