He is a ‘hero of the turbulent times’. She revealed a ray of hope on the unstable mound.

‘Glasses ace’ Park Se-woong (28, Lotte) started as a starter against the Czech Republic in the first round of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 12th, striking out 8 in 4.2 innings and striking out 8 in 4.2 innings.

Park Se-woong, who met with reporters after the game, said, “I promised to give victory to the fans in Korea two days ago, and it is fortunate that I was able to keep it. He thought that what he threw against Japan (1.1 scoreless innings) was bullpen pitching. He said, “It wasn’t a big crowd or a hindrance.”

Regarding the Czech batters he faced that day, Park Se-woong said, “I saw them from the first game, and I heard that they were from the major leagues. He advised that good results would come if the coach threw it without being vigilant. He tried not to be vigilant.” 스포츠토토

On this day, the national team had to ‘most goals-least goals’ due to the number of cases. Park Se-woong, who came out as a starter, made the “least run” against the Czech lineup. Park Se-woong said, “There was no burden. He thought more of ‘how can I finish the inning quickly’ than the burden. He prepared to minimize the number of runs. When I analyzed the Czech hitters more than I thought, I focused on them because their long hitting power and hitting ability were not far behind,” he explained.On this day, I threw a mixture of slider, curve, and forkball, and “(Catcher Yang) followed the will-type ball combination. In the element element, the type of pitch I wanted came out and I pitched well.” He said, “I paid attention to my pitching. It was important that there were no walks. The score was high in the beginning, so I just thought that I would make fewer runs no matter what. I tried to avoid accumulating runners as much as possible. He emphasized that the breaking ball was also good.”

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