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He’s the second-highest rookie contract in KBO history.

Kiwoom’s Jang Jae-young broke his long slump and recorded his first win in three years since joining the club.

Now that he’s come a long way, he vows to ‘look ahead’.

Park Jae-woong is a reporter.

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The moment he fulfilled the requirements of a winning pitcher with five scoreless innings.

The Gocheokdome is filled with cheers.

The crowd, as well as his teammates, were rooting for Jang Jae-young’s victory, and all eyes were on him as the number of outs increased one by one in the ninth inning.

In the end, he won 2-0 and recorded his first victory in three years since joining the team.

[Jang Jae-young/Keum]
“I apologize to the team for taking so long, but I think I helped the team today, so it’s good.”

It was a long-awaited victory, and one that his teammates will never forget.

E Jang Jae-young, who made a name for himself in high school with a 157-kilometer fastball and signed a Kiwoom jersey for 900 million won, the second highest rookie contract in history.

However, despite his fastball, he was unable to overcome his inherent pitching difficulties and faced a lot of criticism.

In an attempt to find the feel of his high school pitching, he even tried batting in the Australian League last winter‥but after struggling early in the season, that changed after spending over a month with the second team.

His strikeouts dropped noticeably, he found his groove, and after giving up just three runs in five games, he won with skill, not luck.

[Jang Jae-young/Keum]
“I think I was trying to be too good when I started the game as a starter this season, and it didn’t work out too well, but when I went down to the second team, I prepared myself to relax a little bit and pitch a little bit more aggressively, and I think that helped me a lot 메이저사이트추천.”

With advice from some of the best players in the country, including Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin, Jang Jae-young can only look ahead.

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