It was a light question close to a joke, but it seems that the thoughts of Daejeon Lee Min-seong and Citizen coaches are no different from other fans. When asked about the next destination of Kwon Chang-hoon, who is about to be discharged, he responded by saying, “Isn’t it ‘Real Blue’?”

Daejeon Hana, led by coach Lee, lost 0-1 against Daegu in the 14th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2024 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 20th. Daejeon Hana could not make up for the goal given to Ko Jae-hyeon just before the end of the first half and unfortunately lost.

In a meeting with the reporters ahead of the game, coach Lee answered questions about the match against Daegu, as well as issues related to Daejeon Hana, and issues in the soccer world. The subject of the last question was Kwon Chang-hoon.

Kwon Chang-hoon, who currently has an enemy at Gimcheon Sangmu, which belongs to K-League 2, will be discharged in June. What is unusual is Kwon Chang-hoon’s contract status. This is because Kwon Chang-hoon will be discharged as a free agent, not to Suwon Samsung, which was his team before joining Gimcheon.

In theory, Kwon Chang-hoon is a ‘very good sale without transfer fee’ in the upcoming K-League summer transfer market. Although he had a period of ups and downs in Gimcheon, Kwon Chang-hoon’s skills are still proven enough to be called up by the national soccer team.

Although there is an issue with the salary, it is quite salivating for a team that is backed by financial power in that there is no transfer fee. Daejeon Hana, which has been known as a ‘big hand’ in the transfer market since the K-League 2 days, is also a resource to look out for.

When asked if there would be any additional signings in the summer transfer market, Lee replied, “There are no players worth bringing.” Then, as a joke, I asked if there was ‘FA’ Kwon Chang-hoon, and Lee’s response was a masterpiece.

“(Kwon Chang-hoon) wasn’t ‘Real Blue’? I have to find ‘Real Green'”

Even though Kwon Chang-hoon was a free agent when he was discharged, the prospect was that he would find his ‘root’ and re-enter Suwon. Director Lee’s prospect is actually quite a lot of Suwon fans wanting a picture. Suwon, which is currently at the bottom of the K-League 1, has no choice but to hope for a player like a ‘savior’ to save the team in crisis. 스포츠토토

What kind of judgment will Kwon Chang-hoon make? On the other hand, Kwon Chang-hoon plans to hold a press conference related to his discharge with Lee Young-jae, Kim Ji-hyun, and Kang Yun-seong, who are discharged in June, ahead of the K-League 2 Round 15 match at Chungbuk Cheongju scheduled for today (21st) at 7:00 pm at Gimcheon Sports Complex. Unlike other players who have a team to return to, free agency Kwon Chang-hoon is expected to receive questions about his future career at this meeting.

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