“Volleyball is a sports paper, not a team’s play with dolls.”

Angry fans began to raise their voices of protest against the club in earnest.

On the 6th, fans of Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “I feel great anger that the owner of Heungkuk Life Insurance (parent company Taekwang Group) exercised his authority, such as ordering the appointment of a specific type of player by text message after receiving instructions from the chairman.” We decided to make our voices heard through the truck protest,” he said.

Accordingly, from 8:00 am on the 6th, the demonstration truck toured the Taekwang Industrial Jangchung headquarters, the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) and the area where the media are concentrated.

Previously, Heungkuk Life Insurance owner Lim Hyeong-joo said in a press release on the 2nd, “I inevitably decided to part with coach Kwon Soon-chan because it did not match the direction the club wanted to go, and general manager Kim Yeo-il also decided to resign.”

Volleyball players could not hide their embarrassment at the sudden resignation news during the season.

It wasn’t a performance slump, nor did it happen to a team that was particularly prone to internal conflict. The team that was running at the top during the regular season lost its manager overnight.

Later, through an interview with a broadcasting company, former coach Kwon revealed that there was an intervention in the selection of players by former general manager Kim and the owner, that is, the ‘upper line’ behind the scenes.

At the time, former director Kwon testified, “There was an order from the general manager, someone to put in a text message, someone to write. I didn’t hear that, so I must have reported (to the upper level) that I wasn’t listening.”

Regarding the action, volleyball players such as Woori Card manager Shin Young-chul, GS Caltex manager Cha Sang-hyun, IBK Industrial Bank manager Kim Ho-cheol, and Hyundai E&C manager Kang Seong-hyeong expressed their displeasure, saying, “(Former manager Kwon) is sorry” and “Treatment that ignores volleyball players.” did.

As the situation grew and public opinion deteriorated out of control, Heungkuk Life Insurance hurriedly began to suppress it. Former manager Kim Yeo-il stepped down and new manager Shin Yong-jun tried to explain, but it only met a headwind.

On the 5th, ahead of the first game of the 4th round against GS Caltex, general manager Shin said, “I did not intervene in the selection of players, but it seems that former general manager Kim and former coach Kwon had a conflict of opinions over the issue of player rotation.” said.

In addition, Director Shin gave an answer that was more like an excuse than an explanation, saying, “There has been a lot of talk about rotation on YouTube and fans.” In a word, it was a bomb that passed the blame on to the fans.

In addition to this, it was followed by an incomprehensible samurai saying, “The team’s goal is to win.”

However, the answers of Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Hae-ran, who were determined after the game, were completely different.

Contrary to the fact that Shin said, “There is no intervention,” Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Hae-ran confessed, “There was an intervention from the top and some players were hurt because of it. .

In addition, Kim Yeon-kyung expressed a very strong stance, saying, “The director the company wants is a director who listens to the company, but I don’t know who it is for.”

Former coach Lee Young-soo, who temporarily took the helm in place of the retired coach Kwon, also resigned shortly after the game on the 5th, saying, “I will agree with coach Kwon.”

Currently, Kim Ki-joong, former head coach of Sunseon Girls’ High School, has been appointed as the new head coach. Coach Kim worked as a coach for Heungkuk Life Insurance from 2018 to 2022 under former manager Park Mi-hee.

Former coach Park has served the longest (8 years) since the founding of the Heungkuk Life Insurance volleyball team. The current manager, Kim, joined Heungkuk Life Insurance in the fourth year of former manager Park’s appointment, and left the same year that former manager Park retired. And he came back after a year.

As if it had been pre-determined, the appointment of the command tower was made so quickly.

If not, there is no explanation for former coach Lee Young-soo’s abrupt departure without even notifying the squad of his resignation as acting manager, with a series of games remaining on the 8th and 11th.

Of course, it would have been psychologically difficult to maintain the acting position for a long time even if there was no nominee in a situation where a manager who ‘does not agree with the club’ was fired overnight.

In this situation, it is difficult to look favorably on coach Kim Ki-joong, who has newly taken over the baton.

Newly appointed coach Kim said, “The club does not intervene in the running of the game.” However, as long as the allegation of involvement 안전놀이터 has been proven true, even if director Kim’s words are true, it is nothing more or less than the appearance of repairing an empty barn where the cows ran away with glue.

Of course, the club cannot leave the command tower empty while the league is in progress. However, the ‘top line’ intervention turned out to be true, and Kim Yeon-kyung, who took up the arms, openly and strongly criticized, saying, “The director the company wants is a director who listens well.”

In the current situation, no matter what manager is appointed, suspicions are bound to be focused on the club’s intentions. For the time being, it is expected that it will be difficult to calm down the agitation of the stagnant players and fans.

The organizers of the truck protest said, “We plan to continue the same truck protest in the same place on the 9th (Mon).”

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