In order to advance to the playoffs (PO), it is necessary to win all remaining games and lose all of the competing teams. Can a miracle happen to Cheongju KB Stars, which is driven to the edge of a cliff?

Three of the four teams that will advance to the women’s professional basketball PO this season have been eclipsed. Woori Bank in Asan and Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin, which confirmed the championship in the regular league, confirmed spring basketball early, and Shinhan Bank in Incheon also joined the PO ranks after the game on the 15th.

Now there is only one seat left. As of the 16th, 4th place Busan BNK Some and 5th place KB Stars will compete for the final PO.

The downside is KB Stars. On the 15th, he suffered a painful defeat against Bucheon Hanawon Q, the lowest place he had to catch. KB Stars, who recorded 9 wins and 17 losses in 26 games, is behind BNK (13 wins and 12 losses), who played one less game, by 4.5 games.

There is only one way for KB Stars to join PO. A dramatic turnaround is possible if BNK wins all remaining 4 matches and BNK loses all remaining 5 matches. Self-advancement is impossible. In fact, it’s a situation where you have to hope for a miracle.

For KB Stars, the absence of ‘National Treasure Center’ Park Ji-soo, who was out of the season due to injury, is inevitable.

Park Ji-soo, who missed the beginning of the season due to panic disorder, returned in the middle of the season and led the team’s upward trend. KB Stars, who had been sluggish with 2 wins and 11 losses in the first 13 games when Park Ji-soo was absent, increased their chances of advancing to the PO by winning 6-3 in 9 games, including the first 4 wins in a row after Park Ji-soo returned. 토토사이트

However, Park Ji-soo injured his finger in the match against Hana 1Q on the 1st, and after receiving surgery, he was taken off the team again. KB Stars’ rise also faded with Park Ji-soo’s season out.

Still, KB Stars coach Kim Wan-soo expressed hope, saying, “We have to do it until the end.” The possibility of advancing to the PO is not high, but I am reading the players to reap the beauty of the kind without regret. It is also important to finish the season well regardless of whether or not you advance to the PO.

KB Stars will meet Shinhan Bank (17th), Samsung Life Insurance (20th), and Woori Bank (25th) in turn. All teams have confirmed their entry into the PO, so there is a possibility that they will relax a bit and play in the game.

If KB Stars wins all three teams and BNK loses all four games, the two teams will have a fateful one-and-done match at BNK’s home, Sajik Gymnasium in Busan, on March 2nd.

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