Italian coach Massimiliano Maddaloni, who recommended Kim Min-jae to SSC Napoli, recently defended Kim Min-jae’s bombastic comments.

In an interview with Italian media ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’ on the 31st (Korean time), coach Madaloni insisted, “Kim Min-jae’s explosion is natural.”

Kim Min-jae was recently summoned to the Korean national soccer team to digest the A-match schedule in March.

After taking over as manager Jurgen Klinsmann, he played full-time in both Colombia and Uruguay matches, the first A-match schedule.

However, after the game against Uruguay on the 28th, Kim Min-jae met with reporters and said, “It is very difficult in terms of soccer.

While some expressed anxiety, saying that Min-jae Kim was considering retiring from the national team, Min-jae Kim posted an apology on Instagram the next day on the 29th, and the incident was over.

Min-jae Kim’s remarks also received a lot of attention in Italy. Coach Madaloni, who recommended Min-jae Kim to Napoli general manager Cristiano Giuntoli, responded that he understood why Min-jae Kim said that.

Coach Madaloni opened his mouth, saying, “Kim Min-jae’s explosion in the national team? He was connected to many teams until last month.”

“Many people are curious about the future because of the buyout that Kim Min-jae has,” he explained, “every day he is bombarded with questions about his future in Naples.”

“Kim Min-jae made it clear that now he is only focusing on Napoli and finishing the season in the best possible way.”

Coach Madaloni defended Min-jae Kim, saying, “Again, Min-jae Kim went from an unknown player to one of the best players in Europe, so everything including his explosion is natural.” It means the growing pains that lead to becoming a big star. 스포츠토토

After moving to Naples last summer, Kim Min-jae is receiving a lot of attention as he quickly became one of the best defenders in Europe.

Even though it has not been a year since joining Napoli, Kim Min-jae is expected to be one of the players who will heat up the transfer market as he is considered to be courted by Manchester United and other European big clubs in the upcoming summer.

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