Gwangju FC, which achieved promotion with the K-League 2 championship in a year, is trying to stand tall again as the main character of a change. Coach Lee Jeong-hyo’s leadership skills were put to the test in the K-League 1.

Gwangju has been holding its second winter training in Seogwipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province since the 3rd. They are sweating their last beads ahead of the K-League 1 opening game against Suwon Samsung Bluewings on the 25th.

The Gwangju team trained on the 7th at Yerae-dong Sports Park in Seogwipo. Except for some lightly injured people such as Shin Chang-moo and Lee Kun-hee, they are in the process of strengthening their final organization with full power.

In the afternoon training in Gwangju, tactical training was also carried out after light ball rolling. The tactical training led by coach Lee Jeong-hyo was very detailed.

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo paid attention to each player’s passing, ball touch, and positioning. He tried to complete his own tactics by pointing out the location and passing speed. 카지노

He didn’t just give instructions. Until the players understood, I explained it through questions and confirmation. Players have to understand it to move on to the next step. Under coach Lee Jung-hyo’s guidance, who is like a meticulous mother-in-law, the players had to concentrate without laughing.

But it’s not just seriousness. Sometimes I tried to lighten the mood with jokes and laughter. Even Gwangju players continue training in a good atmosphere. This is the appearance of a meticulous mother-in-law going back to a friendly older brother in the neighborhood.

Gwangju has been promoted this season, but there is a high possibility that it will be mentioned as a candidate for relegation when looking at objective history. It is noteworthy whether coach Lee Jung-hyo’s leadership will create a new K-League 1 blast, just as he achieved the potential to win and promote K-League 2 against expectations last season.

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