After scoring a goal and holding a ceremony in the arms of the crowd, Chun Seong-hun (23), striker of Incheon United in the professional football K League 1, was happy, saying, “It was a scene I had dreamed of since watching the Incheon game in Germany.” .

Chun Seong-hun scored consecutive goals in the 18th minute of the first half and 14th minute of the second half in the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 8 home game against Suwon FC held at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 22nd, contributing greatly to the team’s 2-2 draw.

Cheon Seong-hoon, who went through youth U12, 15, and 18 under Incheon, played for Augsburg in the German Bundesliga and joined Incheon this season and made his dream K-League debut as a ‘Sunggol Youth’.

Chun Seong-hoon, who played the first K-League game against Gangwon FC on the 16th, announced the birth of a new star with a multi-goal in the second game that day.

In particular, Chun Seong-hoon drew attention with a dynamic ceremony in which he ran to the stands after scoring both goals and hugged the fans.

In an interview with a distinguished player after the game, Chun Seong-hoon said, “Since I was in Germany, whenever I’ve watched Incheon matches, I’ve seen Mugosa and Hernandez jump into the stands when a dramatic goal is scored. Watching that, I dreamed of being able to hold a ceremony like that at this stadium.” he explained.

After laughing, “It was quite difficult to jump over the billboard,” he said, “The fans said a lot, but I couldn’t hear it because I was distracted. I heard ‘Chun Sung-hoon is cool’.” 토토사이트

Chun Seong-hun is a promising player who has even experienced the German stage, but life in the K-League was not easy. He seldom got a chance to play until the 7th round.

However, Chun Seong-hoon did not give up and prepared, and eventually was able to seize the opportunity that came.

He said, “Even when I was playing in Germany (to be on the list), there was a lot of waiting. Since I had expected that it would be the same in the K-League, I was not disappointed and was preparing behind the scenes. Fortunately, a good opportunity came.”

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