The possibility that Sergio Busquets’ next teammate will be Cristiano Ronaldo, not Lionel Messi, has emerged.

Barcelona announced on its official website on the 10th (Korean time) that “Busquets will leave Barcelona after the end of the season.”

Busquets, who made his professional debut in Barcelona in 2008, is a legend of the team that won 30 championships while playing 15 seasons only for Barcelona until the 2022/23 season. Busquets has decided to leave his long-time club in favor of a low contract offer 토토사이트 and beautiful finishes.

In Spain, it was predicted that Saudi Arabia would be the most likely destination for Busquets. If Messi, who recently announced a breakup with PSG, heads to Saudi Arabia, the possibility of moving the team with Busquets has also been raised.

However, in the case of Messi, he still prefers to remain in Europe to maintain his family’s opposition and skills. Barcelona are also preparing to cut wages and sell players for the return of team legend Messi.

In the midst of this, the possibility that Busquets will work with Ronaldo instead of Messi in a team has emerged.

Spanish media Mundo Deportivo reported on the 12th that “Busquets and Ronaldo are a very feasible combination.”

Mundo Deportivo said: “Busquets and Ronaldo could be teammates next season. Al-Nassr has put Busquets as his top priority for signing this summer. The player side is also in contact with Saudi Arabia, and the possibility of success is clear.”

Ronaldo left the European stage, where he had been for a long time, and headed to the Middle East wearing an Al Nasr uniform in December of last year. Everyone has shown interest in Ronaldo’s trip to the Middle East, which has a tremendous career on the European stage, and since then, Saudi Arabia has been luring other European legend players with huge salaries in addition to Ronaldo.

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