Let’s find out about futures that walk the same path and dream the same dream.

On the 2nd, the 2023 Federation Presidency National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Tournament opened at four locations including Kimcheon Gymnasium. This competition, in which a total of 75 teams will participate, also serves as the selection match for the 31st Korea-China-Japan Junior Comprehensive Competition. While the fanfare rang on the first day of the competition, this competition started a long journey toward the championship cup for a total of 9 days until the 10th.

In this situation, among the players belonging to the Used Basketball League, we looked at who are the brothers and sisters worth paying attention to.

Most of the sibling players are eating a pot of rice.

Songdo High School’s twin brothers, Bang Seong-won and Seong-in, are active as the team’s main pillars even though they are in the second year. They are also well known as second-generation basketball players. The mother of the two is Yoo Young-joo, a former BNK director. Coach Yoo, like other parents, visits the site whenever his sons’ games are held.

Brothers Jason and John of Inheungo are also on the court together. Those from Nigeria are also steadily playing and accumulating experience points.

At Gimhae Gayago and Whimungo, there are sibling players with a two-year age gap. I was unable to attend the tournament due to an injury. Gaya High School’s eldest brother, Kim Dong-young, works hand-to-hand with his younger brother, Kim Ho-young, and Choi Young-ho and Young-sang brothers from Whimoon High School are in the same case. 크크크벳

Now let’s turn our attention to the South-Central. Brothers Park Bum-yoon and Bum-jin of Whimoon Middle School are firmly guarding the bottom of the team’s goal, going back and forth as the starting pitcher and sixth man.

Although he was absent this time, three brothers are wearing the same uniform among the three strongest players in the south-central region this season. The team’s core resources, Yoon Ji-won and Ji-hoon brothers, won the team twice and shared the MVP trophy one by one

. . Jeong Chae-won (Bundang Business High School 2) and Lim Yeon-seo (Supia Girls’ Middle School 3), who were the winners of the first girls’ high school and middle school girls’ divisions of the season, have a common feature of having younger siblings.

Jung Chae-won’s younger sister, Jeong Chae-ah, is working hard to adapt to her high school stage, and Lim Yeon-seo, like her older sister, has decent skills and is doing her part on the court.

Watching their performance will be another point of observation to enjoy the last tournament of the first half.

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