Can he be the savior of the DPL Kia? “Bible” Yoon-seol, who was called up to the first team after leading the DPL Kia’s second team to an undefeated streak, said he will do his best for the team’s victory, not my own.

D.F.L. Kia defeated Live Sandbox 2-0 in the sixth week of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Season at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Wednesday. With the win, the team improved to 7-4 (+7), good for third place in the standings.

Yoon-seol played his first LCK match of the year. He is considered the brains behind the Depletion’s second squad. After leading the team’s second team to an undefeated league run, he was informed two days ago that he would be playing for the first team. “I prepared for today’s game with the determination not to cause any inconvenience to the team,” Yoon said in a postgame interview with Kookmin Ilbo.

Choi didn’t ask him to do anything special, but just expected him to play to his strengths. “He told me, ‘Don’t be nervous, play what you can, and you’ll be fine,'” Yoon said. That helped me not to be nervous.”

Yoon’s strength is not in his mechanics or lineup performance, but in his defense. “I focused on my strengths, which are vision, anticipating the opponent’s play and making my teammates aware of it, and calling what we need to do regularly,” he said.

Last year, he was called up to the first team once and played in two games, but he has bitter memories of being sent back down only to taste defeat. He is confident that this year will be different. His eyes have been opened to the game through his role as a 메이저도메인 play-by-play coach with the second team this year.

“Last year, I felt like I was being manipulated by the opponent and not being able to play my game,” Yoon said. “After being a playing coach, I saw the game differently. I was able to play well in the first team games without being nervous.”

Yoon said, “Until last year, I used to look at the game as a line battle. “I learned a lot from second team coach Park Jun-hyung,” Yoon said, “I learned a lot from him.” “Until last year, I only saw the game as a line battle,” he added, “but to coach the players, I needed to have knowledge of all the lines, and to help the supporters, I also studied wards, sight turns, and turns where we are strong and weak.

“I spend a lot of time analyzing my opponents,” he said, “I will watch T1’s games and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. I will analyze their strengths and weaknesses.”

He said they need to be able to handle T1’s laning offense well. “In the end, the game is a battle of moves, like Go,” he said, adding, “T1’s strength is their speed of judgment. We will try to stay ahead of them and not fall behind.”

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